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PSLE Model Composition – An Act of Generosity

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This PSLE model composition is reproduced from our P6 student, Brayden Lu, written for his Preliminary Examination. It demonstrates a captivating portrayal of a transformational moment through the lens of generosity. Brayden showcased his remarkable ability in both language and content in this PSLE composition, earning him an impressive 40/40 from his marker!

Note: This PSLE model composition is meant to inspire and guide students in their writing journey. Students should refrain from direct copying, as it limits opportunities for growth. Instead, we encourage students to use PSLE model compositions as learning tools to hone their writing skills.


PSLE Model Composition: An Act of Generosity


“Hey, are you okay? Here’s some money,” I said enthusiastically to what seemed like a homeless man on the side of the street, while handing him a five-dollar note.

It was only then when my body started to fade away, leaving only my soul and a beautiful recollection of how someone else helped me get off the streets. The realisation was painted with hues of emotions and crafted with a tinge of love and generosity.

At the time, I felt hopeless, wondering how I had got myself into that deep of a rabbit hole. The more I thought, the deeper the hole got. It was only until an act of generosity changed my life forever.

That day, the clouds were gloomy, and the sky was dark and ominous. The cold air whistled in my ears and stung my eyes. I was shivering uncontrollably on that winter evening. With only a coat and a dream, I braved that fierce storm.

After the storm, a man dressed in formal attire approached me. Thinking he was just a typical man, I showed a sheepish smile, hiding my true emotions. It was only when he reached for his wallet when my attention was arrested.

“Here, take it,” the man said, while handing me five hundred dollars.

As soon as I saw the money, I was put into a state of shock. Vivid emotions poured into my mind. I was electrified with shock but also bathed in excitement. My inner self jumped up in joy, as if it had become a child again. I looked at the man’s face with an emotional smile hung from cheek to cheek. I got up from the cold concrete, otherwise known as my home, and hugged the man tightly while tears of joy poured down my face.

From that day on, I rolled with the punches and was inculcated with the willpower of steel. Staying resilient, I overcame every setback with a raging flame lit with unwavering determination and the generosity of the man inside of me. Owing to the magnanimous act displayed by the man, I finally had a roof over my head, and more than just a coat.

Each piece of clothing hung in my closet was woven with ineffable acts of kindness strangers had shown to me during my darkest moments.

Two months slipped out of my fingers like sand in an hourglass and I was met with the same situation that had happened to me. I saw a pale, old man dressed in torn and tattered clothes on the sidewalk. Little did I know, I was going to change this man’s life, much like what had happened to me.

I took a five-dollar note out of my wallet and handed it to him. Despite it only being a small amount of money, I could sense gratitude and exhilaration emitting from his body.

In the grand tapestry of life, generosity is the garden that calms our soul. Even a small act of generosity goes a long way. In life, every time we fall, we get back up. Every setback is a set-up for a comeback, and it is these generous people that are our beacon of strength. The acts of kindness I experienced will forever be etched in my treasure trove of memories.

Written by: Brayden Lu, P6

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