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Are your teachers MOE-trained?

Yes, all our teachers went through formal teacher training at NIE. Upon completion of the training, they served as full-time teachers at various MOE schools.

What is the schedule for your online English tuition classes?

Do get in touch with us for the latest schedule.

What are the fees for your online English tuition classes?

Here are the fees for our weekly online English tuition classes:

  • P5 & P6: $65 per lesson of 2 hours
  • Lower Sec: $70 per lesson of 2 hours
  • Upper Sec: $75 per lesson of 2 hours

There are no hidden fees and no additional charge for materials.

The fees for short courses and booster workshops vary depending on the programme. Please get in touch with us, and we will advise accordingly.


What happens if my child misses an online English tuition class?

We strongly encourage students to attend every online English tuition class, as consistency is key in maximising learning. However, if your child misses a lesson, he or she can watch a recording of the lesson missed. There is no refund for missed online English tuition classes.

Are learning materials provided?

Yes, all online English tuition materials will be provided at no additional charge. Students will download the materials via Google Classroom.

How do you collect my child’s work for marking?

Your child will upload his or her work via Google Classroom. Our teachers will return any marked assignments through Google Classroom as well.

Do you offer a trial lesson for your online English tuition classes?

Yes, please get in touch with us to arrange a trial lesson for your child.

How big are your online English tuition classes?

Each online English tuition class is strictly capped at 10 students only. However, we may halt enrolment once the class has reached its optimum size based on its needs or dynamics.

Is online learning effective?

Online learning can definitely be effective, or more effective than traditional on-site learning. Our children grew up using technology as part of their daily lives. Their familiarity with technology as a learning tool allows them to be easily engaged using the screen. There is generally greater effectiveness when learners learn via their preferred learning mode.

Our experienced teachers also take steps to keep students on task in an online setting. Our students have been able to focus and participate actively during lessons, even without in-person supervision like in physical classes.

Times have changed and the way our children learn is very different from the previous generations. Give online English tuition a try! Your child may surprise you with their ability to learn and succeed in an online environment.

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