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Learning Gems is a premium online English tuition centre that specialises in PSLE & O Level / G3 English. Our teachers are well versed in the latest MOE syllabus and have taught at various MOE schools in Singapore. Be it the primary or secondary level, we possess the relevant experience and are fully qualified to help your child.

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Why Learn with Us?

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MOE-Trained Teachers Only

Our online English tuition classes are taught by MOE-trained teachers with pedagogical expertise and years of experience.

Peronalised Learning

Our online English tuition teachers customise lessons based on the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

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Up-to-date Teaching Materials

Our online English tuition materials follow MOE’s latest examination format and trends of past-year papers.

Live, Interactive Lessons

Our online English tuition students are kept engaged through hands-on activities, enhancing understanding and retention of the material.

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Timely Progress Track

Our individualised feedback during our online English tuition helps and encourages our students to achieve their learning goals. 

Proven Track Record

Our online English tuition classes are backed by more than 100 verified Google & Facebook recommendations from satisfied parents and students.


My son attended online lessons with Ms Goh to prepare for his PSLE exams. Ms Goh is clearly experienced in teaching children, and also makes clever use of digital technology to deliver the lessons; my son has ADHD and often struggles in school, but he was able to follow her Zoom lessons closely and is always excited for the interactive quizzes at the end. I can see a marked improvement in his written English papers, and more tangibly his prelim results also improved tremendously. I would highly recommend lessons with Ms Goh to other parents.

Travis Siew

I am pretty sure that whoever joins this tuition centre will gain a lot of knowledge and improve a lot, like my case where it is literally a 2 AL improvement.


English student

My son’s results increased tremendously thanks to the teachers. Kept me constantly updated on what is happening and looked into weak areas. Well done!

Ms Lim

Ashton's mother

Thanks to Learning Gems, I’m now an online tuition convert! The virtual classroom setup was smooth and easy to login. Teacher annotated clearly on the screen and my child had no problem following the online lesson. Although the lesson was conducted virtually, my child was engaged and there were many opportunities to answer questions or seek clarifications. Thank you teachers!

Michelle Chew

Zoe's mother

Dear Mdm Ang, thank you for teaching me. You would always let us play fun games like Kahoot and Quizziz and teach us many methods to remember concepts!

Lim Jie Shen

English student

This tuition centre is one of the most dedicated tuition centres out there. Experienced teachers pass on their knowledge from their previous teaching experiences to us. They also share tips and tricks that would help us a lot. Deep dive in Editing, Comprehension and Essay Writing as well. A dedicated Google Classroom where all the materials, empty and edited are being uploaded.

Soham Jain

English student

I enjoy the lessons with Learning Gems as I find the lessons very interactive such as quizzes to recall what we learned. The classes also teach us how to use different approaches on different questions and how to conquer each question, which allows us to score well during examinations.

Justin Lee

English student

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Based on 110 reviews
Janelle Erika
Janelle Erika
You have a good teaching and it will help me on my exam this Friday, thank you for teaching me :)
Norashikin Mohammed Ali
Norashikin Mohammed Ali
It was helpful as I learned different strategies throughout the 2 hour lesson.
Teng Jaena
Teng Jaena
I learn a lot of new strategy to answer the questions
Tan Tik Hwee
Tan Tik Hwee
-Gives good strategies to answer the questions -Gives good explanations and examples to learn new vocabulary
BRIAN CHOW student
BRIAN CHOW student
i learnt plenty of interesting things from learning gem
Bailey James Benedict Batacan (Beaconprisch)
Bailey James Benedict Batacan (Beaconprisch)
Very informative sessions, teacher was very attentive to our needs.
Ian Chang Rui Yang (Jwps)
Ian Chang Rui Yang (Jwps)
I was struggling with my comprehension cloze skills.The most enjoyable things was the experience.The strategys.I felt more confident about compre close after this lesson.This will help me in my exams.

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