Online English Tuition Classes


Weekly Online English Tuition Classes

  • PSLE English: Primary 5 and 6
  • O Level / G3 English: Secondary 1 to 5
  • Covers all components (Papers 1 to 4)
  • 2 hours per week
Online English Tuition Classes - Primary 5 Primary 6 MOE | Learning Gems Singapore
Online English Tuition Classes - Secondary School MOE | Learning Gems Singapore


Short Online English Tuition Courses

  • Coming soon!


Booster Workshops

Contact us for the latest schedule.

O Level Oral

This workshop will cover:

  • Using AREPS & PEEL to craft A1 responses
  • Content building on commonly tested themes (useful for writing as well)
  • Generating thematic vocabulary

Date: 7 & 14 Jul 2024
Time: 1.30pm to 4pm

This workshop is suitable for Sec 3, 4 & 5 students.

PSLE Grammar + Synthesis & Transformation

This workshop will cover:

  • Commonly Tested Grammar and S&T Questions
  • Tricky Grammar and S&T Questions
  • Exam-smart Strategies

Option A

Date: 25 Aug 2024
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Option B

Date: 1 Sep 2024
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

This workshop is suitable for P5 & P6 students.

PSLE Comprehension Cloze
  • Types of clues & How to identify them
  • Answering techniques & Exam-smart strategies
  • Vocabulary building

Option A

Date: 17 Aug 2024
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Option B

Date: 2 Sep 2024
Time: 2pm to 4pm

This workshop is suitable for P5 & P6 students.

PSLE Oral (Final Run)
  • Reading Aloud: P3EEF framework
  • Stimulus-Based Conversation (SBC): SEEE technique
  • Analysis of AL1 responses

Option A

Dates: 14 & 21 Jul 2024
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Option B

Dates: 27 Jul & 3 Aug 2024
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Option C

Dates: 28 Jul & 4 Aug 2024
Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm

This workshop is suitable for P6 students.

Past Workshops
  • PSLE Grammar + Synthesis & Transformation
  • PSLE Comprehension Cloze
  • PSLE Comprehension Open-Ended
  • PSLE Oral
  • PSLE Composition Writing
  • PSLE Situational Writing
  • Sec 1 Head Start
  • Lower Sec Expository Writing
  • O Level Argumentative Writing
  • O Level Oral
Online English Tuition - Primary 5 Primary 6 Secondary School MOE - Learning Gems Singapore

Our Teachers

Who better to learn from than PSLE markers and PSLE/O Level Oral Examiners themselves? Your child gains direct access to insider tips from our online English tuition teachers on mark schemes, grading criteria and even exam setter perspectives.

Our Curriculum

We adopt a skill-based approach aimed at equipping students with the strategies to tackle their examinations with ease and confidence. Our MOE-trained teachers spare no effort in crafting online English tuition materials updated based on the latest trends and demands of past-year papers.

Communication with Parents

Parents will receive regular updates on their child’s progress and areas for improvement. Whenever necessary, we will also communicate with you on how your child’s learning can be better supported.


Are your teachers MOE-trained?

Yes, all our teachers went through formal teacher training at NIE. Upon completion of the training, they served as full-time teachers at various MOE schools.

What is the schedule for your online English tuition classes?

Do get in touch with us for the latest schedule.

What are the fees for your online English tuition classes?

Here are the fees for our weekly online English tuition classes:

  • P5 & P6: $65 per lesson of 2 hours
  • Lower Sec: $70 per lesson of 2 hours
  • Upper Sec: $75 per lesson of 2 hours

There are no hidden fees and no additional charge for materials.

The fees for short courses and booster workshops vary depending on the programme. Please get in touch with us, and we will advise accordingly.


What happens if my child misses an online English tuition class?

We strongly encourage students to attend every online English tuition class, as consistency is key in maximising learning. However, if your child misses a lesson, he or she can watch a recording of the lesson missed. There is no refund for missed online English tuition classes.

Are learning materials provided?

Yes, all online English tuition materials will be provided at no additional charge. Students will download the materials via Google Classroom.

How do you collect my child’s work for marking?

Your child will upload his or her work via Google Classroom. Our teachers will return any marked assignments through Google Classroom as well.

Do you offer a trial lesson for your online English tuition classes?

Yes, please get in touch with us to arrange a trial lesson for your child.

How big are your online English tuition classes?

Each online English tuition class is strictly capped at 10 students only. However, we may halt enrolment once the class has reached its optimum size based on its needs or dynamics.

Is online learning effective?

Online learning can definitely be effective, or more effective than traditional on-site learning. Our children grew up using technology as part of their daily lives. Their familiarity with technology as a learning tool allows them to be easily engaged using the screen. There is generally greater effectiveness when learners learn via their preferred learning mode.

Our experienced teachers also take steps to keep students on task in an online setting. Our students have been able to focus and participate actively during lessons, even without in-person supervision like in physical classes.

Times have changed and the way our children learn is very different from the previous generations. Give online English tuition a try! Your child may surprise you with their ability to learn and succeed in an online environment.


I always look forward to Ms Goh’s lessons as they are very fun and interesting with games. When I first started, my composition marks were 19.5 but after learning more compos and doing more compos with her, I got 31.5 for compositions during my prelims. Her composition methods are really easy and I use them a lot. I am grateful and honoured to be able to come for her tuition. She has put a lot of effort into me. Thank you!

Clarabelle Tan

English student

I like the lesson. The teacher was very nice and explained everything in simple terms (terms that I can understand). I’ve learnt a lot from the workshop and will place those points in my other oral practices and examinations. The workshop was very useful and helpful.


English student

My English wasn’t doing so well before I joined but the lessons have helped me improve my English components and grades (like 65% to 75%). I’ve learnt helpful methods like the fish hooks for summary and I enjoyed the games 😸 I think Learning Gems is a good place to learn and improve my grades because the teachers are very spot on in engaging students in lessons. I’d recommend Learning Gems to my friends that are weak in English because it’s just a great place to learn 🙈


English student

Dear Mdm Ang, thank you for being an awesome English Teacher! You give us motivation and support and print many effective notes for us to improve in specific components such as Synthesis and Transformation. Thank you very much for your hard work and effort to teach us!

Kai Xuan

English student

In my opinion, Learning Gems has allowed me to improve my English quite significantly. The content that was taught has helped me to structure my responses appropriately in English papers, especially in comprehension passages questions such as summary writing. In addition, the teachers are very kind and keen on answering any questions posed by the students and the environment is also quite stress-free. All in all, I will recommend this tuition for those needing help in their English.

Ashton Neo

English student

Before I attended the workshop I was struggling with providing concrete examples for my argumentative essays😔 After attending the workshop, my mind is enriched with full of examples that I can use in my writings! The handouts and notes were detailed and easily applicable in my writings! Please let me attend more workshops!🤩

Jia Xuan

English student

I was struggling with understanding how to write argumentative essays. However, after the workshop I managed to better understand the techniques used to write these essays and how I can check if I have the key components for argumentative essays.The notes are also very comprehensive which can very useful for revision.

Javier Leo

English student

Dear Ms Goh, Before joining this tuition, I used to get AL4 to AL5. It was also difficult for me to understand what the questions are asking. After joining this tuition, I learnt a lot of things such as collocations and grammar rules. I also learnt new ways to improve my English language. Surprisingly, I got AL2 for Prelims! During the lessons, Ms Goh will explain to us clearly and patiently. She is also funny and her lessons are interesting. I am grateful to be able to come for her tuition. The oral workshops are also very helpful with many tips and answering techniques. For my Prelim Oral, I even got 28/30! I will definitely recommend Learning Gems to my friends because the lessons are very useful and I think they will enjoy the lessons too. Thank you Ms Goh for all your efforts!!!

Teh En Theng

English student

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Based on 127 reviews
Ashie Ong
Ashie Ong
Came across this tuition center which offer online tuition. Signed up for a trial and find the classes taught online to be adequate with competent teacher. Overall its a fuss free experience from signing up to attending the class. Teacher will give feedback on your child progress periodically and its really helpful.
Loi Huijie
Loi Huijie
This lesson is very engaging and fun, and that's how I learnt many new ways to tackle questions in comprehension close. I even learnt some vocabulary too! This is why it deserved 5 stars 🤩
sp chai
sp chai
The PSLE booster workshops that I had attended are intersting and fun. Using educational games to help us, useful strategys that are not taught in school, I would recommend Learning Gems Tuition to everyone. :)
Dylan Lim
Dylan Lim
I participated in the PSLE Compre Cloze Booster Workshop, we got to play blooklet and the teacher, Ms Goh was friendly and nice and she did her best to explain the answers! Thank you!
Leow Min Hui (Xingnanps)
Leow Min Hui (Xingnanps)
I have learnt that I can find clues in the passage for the answer.
It is good and i learnt alot of things like likeness and differences and also vocabulary and i have to annote too.
Choy Jun En (Phpps)
Choy Jun En (Phpps)
the class was interesting and it was fun experience for me and i ike that they use booklet that is a game to teach us some English to and their way of teaching was very interactive. Thank you Ms Goh :D
Very fun and entertaining. At first I got a lot for compre close wrong but after this when I tried to do compre oe I got all correct. There are also many tips that were given which helped me improve alot

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