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Model O Level / G3 Expository Essay: What are some aspects of your country that you take pride in?

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This is a well-structured expository essay written by our Sec 2 student, Yue Xi. It effectively delves into three key aspects of how Singapore inspires pride, and showcases an insightful analysis of Singapore’s economic success, education system, and cultural diversity.

The model essay begins with a clear introduction that sets the stage for what follows. Each body paragraph follows the PEEL format and focuses on a distinct aspect of Singapore’s success with clear explanations and relevant evidence and examples to support the main idea. The conclusion paragraph rounds up the essay succinctly.

The language used is clear and concise, with apt thematic vocabulary that demonstrates a deep understanding of the topic. Sentence structures are accurate and display a good degree of variety. Overall, it is an impressive piece produced by a lower secondary student. Well done, Yue Xi!

Note: This model essay is meant to inspire and guide students in their writing journey. Students should refrain from direct copying, as it limits opportunities for growth. Instead, we encourage students to use model essays as learning tools to hone their writing skills.



Model O Level / G3 Expository Essay: What are some aspects of your country that you take pride in?


Singapore may be one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area but it has achieved remarkable success and global significance in various fields. Be it Singapore’s economic prosperity, education system or cultural diversity, there are many aspects of Singapore that I take pride in.

Firstly, Singapore has one of the world’s most advanced and competitive economies. Due to our geographical location, Singapore is at the crossroads of major shipping routes. Using this effectively, Singapore boasts one of the busiest ports globally and is a crucial hub for global commerce, even before our independence. Singapore also ensures its citizens are financially secure by implementing certain policies and rather low taxes. An example is the Central Provident Fund (CPF), which is a mandatory savings scheme implemented by the government to help citizens plan for their future needs. Owing to the government’s proactive approach to economic planning as well as other factors, Singapore has consistently ranked high in global competitiveness indices, which brings pride to Singaporeans.

Secondly, Singapore’s education system is highly regarded globally for its rigorous standards and emphasis on academic excellence. Singapore is home to world-class universities and research institutions and is often cited as a model for other countries. The National University of Singapore is ranked consistently as one of the world’s top universities. It was even ranked at the top university in Asia in 2022. Apart from education for youths and children, the government has introduced the SkillsFuture initiative to promote lifelong learning and skills development. Evidently, Singapore places huge emphasis on human capital to ensure that Singaporeans are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to traverse the high volatile and demanding needs of the changing society. With such a meticulous governance providing a holistic education system, why wouldn’t I be beaming with pride as a Singaporean?

Thirdly, I am proud of being a part of a country that boasts such a rich cultural diversity. Singapore is often described as a melting pot of cultures, with a mix of ethnicities, languages and religions. Singapore’s multicultural identity is evident in many aspects of Singapore, most notably in our culinary traditions. For example, fish head curry is a dish unique to Singapore and was derived from a hybrid of Indian and Chinese ethnic cuisines. Other than food, our cultural diversity is also reflected in our art style. The Nanyang style of painting seamlessly fuses traditional Chinese ink painting techniques with Western artistic styles. This cultural mosaic has contributed to Singapore’s unique identity and global appeal. Our cultural diversity is a fundamental part of our identity, and is definitely something that I, as a Singaporean, feel proud of.

Singapore’s land area presents challenges but it definitely does not limit the nation’s ability to excel and contribute on the global stage. Singapore’s thriving economy, stellar education system and rich cultural diversity are just three of the many reasons why I am proud to call myself Singaporean.

Written by: Loh Yue Xi, Sec 2

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